Our Curriculum

Week Ending: 20.07.18

Whole School Attendance: 94.25%.

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St Michael’s aims to provide an environment rich in literary stimulus, where every child is an enthusiastic reader.  

Reading should be a pleasurable experience and here at St Michael’s we endeavour to foster a “love of reading” in all children. Reading is central to everything we do; it is through reading that children learn about people, places and events outside their own experience - developing a child’s imagination.

As they read, Children learn new words and unconsciously they absorb information; like how to structure sentences and how to use words and language effectively. 


Writing in school needs a motivating stimulus; be it a high quality text, a short video or a picture. At St Michael’s we aim to promote children’s writing initially by encouraging them to talk. Articulation of children’s thoughts is central to the learning process and allows children to explore a variety of ideas before committing them to paper. It also strengthens understanding, and enables children to practise skills and build confidence.


Mathematics is taught throughout the school using a range of strategies including whole-class, group and individual teaching to include all abilities. Children are given a range of practical tasks, written calculations, mental maths activities, investigations and real-life problems to bring maths alive and allow them to apply maths to their world. Most importantly, we encourage children to discover that maths is fun and an important part of our lives!  


Science is an important area of the curriculum at St. Michael’s Primary School and is a subject greatly enjoyed by the children. Most classes have two lessons of Science a week and, where possible, these lessons include practical work and investigations. The children are encouraged to consider how to carry out a fair test record their results appropriately and draw conclusions from what they have seen and found out.


Religious values permeate life at St Michael’s. We begin each day with Collective Worship, where the school gathers together. On Monday morning, our Worship takes place in the church and is led by a member of the clergy. Eileen Harrop, Curate of St Michael’s and all Angels, supports the school with Worship Club on Wednesday lunchtimes.


St Michael’s operates a topic based curriculum and we try to incorporate most subjects into the topic. This approach captures children's enthusiasm and generates enjoyment in learning. We find children quickly become excited about the topic and we can capture that enthusiasm to develop subject specific skills in a purposeful way. It also enables children to see the connections between the different subject areas. Through our planning, we aim to provide a sound and rigorous grounding in basic skills, knowledge and understanding for all children through an exciting and stimulating approach.