Our Values

Week Ending: 16.11.18

Whole School Attendance: 96.01%.

At St Michael’s Primary School we seek to nurture the whole child and instil a love of learning by inspiring young minds within a happy, caring community based on the Christian values of love; joy; kindness; peace; self-control; faithfulness and trust.

The Christian values permeate every aspect of school life and beyond, underpinning the School Behaviour Policy. Our links with the Church have grown and strengthened throughout the last 150 years and continue to do so.  

 The Loganberries of love

 The Kiwi of Kindness

 The Fruit juice of Joy

 Peaches of Peace

 Strawberries of self-control

 The Fig of Faithfulness


 Watermelon of Wisdom

Tangerine of Trust